Suzuki Auto gear shift(AGS) cars are becoming increasingly popular. As the name implies, auto gear shift cars perform gear shifting automatically. Depending on the throttle input, engine load, and speed of the vehicle. Suzuki AGS system is structurally similar to manual transmissions apart from the absence of a clutch pedal. Instead, an AGS system is equipped with a computer-controlled gear shift actuator.  This intelligent device detects the instantaneous driving dynamics engages the clutch by itself and shifts to the best gear automatically. The driver only needs to control the throttle/accelerator input. As a daily driver in congested areas, opting for a Suzuki AGS vehicle is definitely the best option. It is practical and user-friendly because there is no need to use the clutch pedal to repeatedly shift gears in traffic.

Born to fulfill the needs of motorsport vehicles, especially Formula vehicles. AGS systems are designed and developed by a company called Magneti Marelli in Corbetta, Italy. In this blog post, we will address the aspects of the AGS system that concern the drivers. Technical details pertaining to design and specifications is the topic of another blog post.

Suzuki Vehicles Equipped with an Auto Gear Shift (AGS) System

Pak Suzuki has always been a market leader when it comes to bringing innovation to the vehicles in the Pakistani market. There are many ‘firsts’ attributed to Suzuki when it comes to cars.

Suzuki Baleno was the First ever vehicle equipped with an immobilizer in the Pakistani market
First ever vehicle equipped with a CNG system in the Pakistani market was a Suzuki
Suzuki Liana was the First ever vehicle equipped with an electronic CNG system in the Pakistani market
Again Suzuki Liana was the
First ever vehicle equipped with an electronic climate control system in the Pakistani market
First ever vehicles equipped with an AGS system on the Pakistani market are also Suzuki

Currently, Suzuki is offering its AGS system in 3 vehicles. Namely, Suzuki Alto VXL AGS, Suzuki Alto VXR AGS, Suzuki Cultus AGS, and Suzuki WagonR AGS. Suzuki Alto VXL AGS was the first vehicle in Pakistan to be offered with this system. After its immense popularity and acceptance by the public, Suzuki equipped both Cultus and WagonR with the AGS system. And recently the Auto Gear Shift system was also launched in the Suzuki Alto VXR AGS.

How to Start a Car Equipped With The Suzuki Auto Gear Shift (AGS) System?

It is essential to complete the following steps in order to start a Suzuki vehicle equipped with the Suzuki AGS system. Otherwise, the car won’t start.

  1.  Turn on the ignition
  2. Press the brake pedal and keep it pressed
  3. Ensure that the gear selector lever/stick is in the N position while the ignition is “ON” and the brake pedal is pressed
  4. Crank the engine. The engine should start
  5. Shift the gear selector lever/stick to D or R while keeping the brake pedal pressed.

Step 5 is essential if you want to start driving the car forward or reverse after starting the engine.

These steps are there for your and your vehicle’s safety. They ensure safe conditions and restrict any unsafe operation by a minor.

Note: The car will not shift to Drive(D) or (R)Reverse if the brake pedal is not pressed before selecting the D or R position. You will hear a distinct triple beep, as well as the gear indicator on the instrument cluster, will blink. Indicating an error while shifting due to not pressing the brake pedal.

Know the Gear Selector Lever/Stick

Have you ever wondered what the letters and numbers on the gear stick of a Suzuki AGS car mean? Take some time to get familiar with the gear stick before turning the key. You’ll only need it once in a while, but it is important to know the positions of the gears. So, the first markings you see are R, N, D, M, + and -. All auto gear shift cars come with these stick positions as standard.

Suzuki vehicles equipped with the AGS system do not have a P position. Meaning these vehicles do not have a parking lock in their transmission. So the driver will either have to use the D or R position of the gear stick while parking. Depending on the slope of the road. More on this later.

Also note, that the gear selector lever in AGS cars is not directly connected to the gearbox. Instead, it is connected to a computer which in turn is connected to the shift control actuator on the gearbox. All connections are electronic, so this system, in essence, is a shift-by-wire system.

What do The Letters on The AGS Selector Lever Mean?

Before driving an auto gear shift transmission car, it is important to know what these letters mean and when to use them.

Suzuki Alto AGS
Gear Selector Lever/Stick of the Suzuki Alto VXL AGS & Suzuki Alto VXR AGS
  • R: Letter R stands for “Reverse”

    As the name implies, it is used while reversing the car. It operates just like reverse gear in manual gear shift cars and should be engaged when driving rearward. Remember that while reversing a car, do not press the accelerator too hard. And use your rear-view mirrors intelligently.
  • N: N stands for “Neutral”

    Shifting to N frees up the gearbox gears because the engine and wheels are no longer connected. Neutral works the same in auto gear shift cars as in manual cars. It should not be used while moving known as coasting and should be used together with the handbrake if you are stopped for a brief time. When shifting to Neutral, remember to keep your foot on the brake pedal.
  • D: It stands for Drive

    When you’re ready to move forward, shift to D. The gears then will automatically shift from 1 to 5. Depending on the throttle inputs from the driver as well as the driving conditions. 
  • M: This is the Manual driving mode on the AGS system.

    This mode can be used when you want to feel a little more in control of the shifting process. When starting out from a standstill in M mode, the gear indicator will show 1M. Meaning gear 1. If while driving at a certain speed, you decide to shift the car to M mode, the gear indicator on the cluster display will show the gear the vehicle is currently in.
  • (+):

    While in manual mode, if you want to shift up tap the selector lever in the (+) direction
  •  (-):

    If you want to shift down while in manual mode, tap the selector lever in the (-) direction

Before driving your new automobile on the road, make sure you read the owner’s manual. Drive responsibly and have fun within limits.

How to Operate an AGS-Equipped Vehicle in Traffic?

Suzuki’s Auto Gear Shift system is designed to make driving in congested urban areas more comfortable and convenient. By eliminating the need to press the clutch pedal for gear shifts, it eliminates the extra effort associated with driving in traffic. However, it is important to bear in mind the limitations of the AGS system. If your vehicle remains stationary for an extended period of time or if you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic on a hot day, Pak Suzuki recommends shifting into neutral (N).

This prevents constant engagement of the clutch control actuator, which can cause it to overheat. If this happens, your transmission will cease functioning, leaving you stranded in traffic until the clutch actuator cools down. To avoid this situation, remember to keep your car in neutral during long periods of standing still or when temperatures soar. As small as this precautionary measure may seem, it can save you a great deal of trouble down the line!

How to Park an AGS-Equipped Car?

Traditional automatic vehicles have a parking lock within the transmission. The driver can simply put the car into P position and the gearbox will be locked. But Suzuki is not offering the P position in its auto gear shift system-equipped vehicles. So there is an alternate way to properly park your car.

On Leveled Ground:

When you are in a leveled parking lot or roadside parking. Simply shift your selector lever to N and use the hand brake and turn off your vehicle to safely park it on a leveled surface.

When parking your car uphill:

Suzuki Alto AGS parking on the slope while facing uphill.

When you are present on a slope and your car is facing up-hill, follow the below procedure:

  1.  Bring your car to a standstill. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  2. Keep your gear selector lever in the D position. Bring it to D if not already in that position. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  3. Engage the hand brake to the full position. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  4. Turn off your vehicle. Release the brake pedal

When parking your car down-hill:

Suzuki Alto AGS-on-Slope-Down-Hill
Suzuki Alto AGS parking on the slope while facing downhill.

When your vehicle is present on a slope and facing down-hill, follow the below procedure for parking:

  1. Bring your car to a standstill. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  2. Keep your gear selector lever in the R position. Bring it to R if not already in that position. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  3. Engage the hand brake to the full position. Keep the brake pedal pressed
  4. Turn off your vehicle. Release the brake pedal

For the reliable operation of the hand brake, always follow scheduled maintenance recommendations for your vehicle. Always visit only the authorized Suzuki dealerships for servicing needs. We have the ability, tools and expertise to restore your vehicle to factory specifications for optimal performance and safety.

Auto Gear Shift Vehicles (AGS) vs Automatic Transmission Vehicles (A/T)

Both AGS and A/T automobiles are unquestionably easier to learn to drive in because there is no need to worry about gears, leaving learners free to concentrate on mirrors, other cars, speed, pedestrians, and everything else.

However, if you’re used to working with an automatic, you’ll notice specific differences:

  • There’s no P position on the selector lever. And you have to follow the procedure detailed above to park your car.
  • The auto gear system is fantastic in traffic jams as it’s good not to have to switch between first and neutral gear all the time.
  • Suzuki AGS vehicles have a hill-hold assist which can come in handy while driving on slopes. Some A/T vehicles on the Pakistani market are not equipped with this feature.
  • The fuel efficiency of the Suzuki AGS-equipped vehicles is at par or better than their manual (M/T) counterparts. Whereas most A/T vehicles on the Pakistani market have poor fuel efficiency figures.
  • You will feel the gear changes on the AGS vehicles as they are not as smooth as the gear changes on an A/T vehicle.

Advantages of Auto Gear Shift Cars

Auto gear shift (AGS) cars have a reputation for being highly economical, yet they are now more reliable than ever.

  • It is simple and easier to drive than manual cars, offering a comfortable drive to its drivers.
  • Same power output as in their manual transmission (M/T) models
  • Same or better fuel efficiency as in their (M/T) models
  • Safety for the engine as the intelligent systems driving the gearbox and the shift actuator will limit the RPMs of the engine. And shift to a higher gear at pre-set RPM limit. Hence, saving it from savagery while in D or R modes.


With a user-friendly AGS system, Suzuki cars are proving to be an amazing option for daily drivers who regularly travel in congested areas. The Gear Shift actuator is able to detect driving dynamics and shift gears automatically based on the throttle, engine load and speed of the vehicle. This makes driving stress-free and enjoyable by eliminating the need to press a clutch pedal. If you’re considering getting an auto gear shift car, look no further than Suzuki Fort Motors, Our AGS system is guaranteed to improve your driving experience.

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