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Suzuki Fort Motors is a 7S authorized dealership of Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd

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How To Get Your Car Insurance In Pakistan-2022 Guide

In today’s day and age, car insurance is just as necessary as life or medical insurance. It is by no means an unwarranted expense; given traffic accidents are both common and unexpected. When it comes to auto insurance in Pakistan, you have a number of options. You may locate a policy that fits your budget…

15 Things You Never Learned From Your Driving Instructor

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How To Save Fuel–8 Petrol And Diesel Saving Tips 2022

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Car Dashboard Symbols And Meanings – What Do They Mean?

Car dashboard warning lights – what do they mean? New vehicles are jam-packed with electronics and sensors that track how your vehicle is driving. It’s crucial to understand what the warning lights on your car’s dashboard represent since you might be able to avoid a breakdown or complete failure. So, here’s what the various yellow…


It’s both exhilarating and terrifying to learn to drive for the first time. It’s difficult for young drivers and their parents to know how to handle the situation. We’ve produced a series of lessons for first-time drivers to assist kids (and their parents). The first lesson is the most essential today (the fundamentals of safe…

How To Change A Car Tire In 10 Simple Easy Steps

A tire explosion can be stressful, so make sure you’re in a safe spot and in a calm mood before following our tire-changing instructions. First and foremost, never attempt to change a tire if your personal safety is in jeopardy or if you lack the necessary gear. If you are in a secure location, have…


Financing Made Easy

Our stress-free finance department can find financial solutions to save you money.

Door-Step Services

Hassle free car services right at your doorstep. No need to get out of the comfort of your home and face the nuance of heavy traffic and road blocks to get to a workshop. Simply call us and we’ll be there.

Trusted By Thousands

Whether new car sales, used car sales, services, or spare parts, we are trusted by a community of thousands of users.

Car Service & Maintenance

Our state of the art service department maintains and keeps your car roadworthy for your peace of mind and safety.

Legacy Of More Than 40 Years

Our parent concern, Arif Motors, has been serving automotive customers in Multan for the past 40 years. We have the most well trained and disciplined staff in the whole region.


With specialists on hand to help with any part of the car shopping or vehicle ownership experience, Fort Motors provides financing, car service and a great selection of vehicles for Suzuki car shoppers in Multan, Pakistan.