Suzuki Gear Oil Manual


Give your Suzuki manual transmission an extra boost of power and longevity with SGO Suzuki Gear Oil. This gear oil has been certified by SAE 90 and API GL-4 standards to provide extended longevity for Suzuki manual transmission components. Compatible vehicles include Mehran, Old Alto RA410, New Alto VX and VXR, Old Cultus SF310 and SF310, New Cultus AVK 310 VXR and VXL, WagonR (VXR and VXL), Bolan, and Ravi.

It boasts excellent lubrication properties that minimize drag on moving parts. While providing superior protection against wear and tear caused by both extreme temperatures and harsh road conditions. SGO Suzuki Gear Oil keeps your vehicle running efficiently by preventing foaming or oxidation. It is all due to its specially formulated anti-foam additives.

This highly advanced gear oil provides superior protection to your transmission system by preventing wear & tear caused by heat or heavy load during shifting. It helps reduce transmission noise allowing for smoother operation. Its advanced formula also allows for faster shifting of gears while providing enhanced engine performance. Investing in SGO Suzuki Gear Oil will give you peace of mind. Ensuring your vehicle has adequate protection for secure driving, allowing you to navigate confidently and safely..

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1 Liter


SAE 90, API GL-4


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