Suzuki Car Care Kit


Welcome to the Suzuki car care kit – your perfect companion for keeping your car in pristine condition! This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to clean, polish and protect your automobile.

The wax shampoo is an advanced formula that gives your car a brilliant shine without damaging the paintwork. It provides superior cleaning power thanks to its special blend of detergents and waxes. Lifting dirt and grime from the surface quickly and easily. Just mix a small amount with water. Apply it with a sponge or soft cloth, rinse it off with fresh water. And dry the car with microfiber cloth for a sparkling finish.

The glass cleaner helps you keep all windows crystal-clear. Not only does it effectively remove dirt, fingerprints, smudges and other contaminants, but its unique streak-free formula ensures perfect clarity every time. To use this product, simply spray onto the glass surfaces, allow it to sit for a few seconds and then wipe away with a soft cloth.

The shiner spray can be used on all interior plastic surfaces as well as exterior plastic trim and tires. Formulated with advanced protection ingredients. This product adds an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays while giving your plastics a natural shine. All you need is just a few sprays on each surface and then wipe away any excess residue with a dry microfiber cloth for amazing results.

Finally, this kit comes with an air freshener that will help keep your car smelling great at all times. Just place the fragrance cartridge inside the vehicle, where the pleasant aroma will waft through the cabin – leaving you feeling relaxed after long drives!

So why settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to looking after your vehicle? With this Suzuki car care kit by your side, you can enjoy maximum convenience while achieving professional-level results each time!

What’s Included?

  • Wax shampoo
  • Glass cleaner
  • Multipurpose instant shiner spray
  • Air freshener
  • Microfiber cloth

Additional Information


Wax shampoo

Glass cleaner

Multipurpose instant shiner spray

Air freshener

Microfiber cloth


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